Email: andfarm@gmail.com
         AIM: a2a5d127 (also my GPG userid)
    BirthDay: 2 June 1986
    Class of: 2010
       Major: ComputerScience
 HelenNumber: 2

Works at DreamHost (SF office) with a bunch of other Mudd grads. Ask him about it, it's fun.

Lived in LindeDorm room 141 freshman year and hated it; consequently, he spent a lot of time being a ThirdFloorEastie. Lived in the AndrewSuite sophomore year, with RichardMehlinger junior year, and in a single suited with AlexHagen senior year.

Participated in the FnordCompletionRun. Sadly, didn't see the project through to completion.

Created and ran M2M2 as part of a LSD project, along with a bunch of other things. Will gladly hand the code off to anyone who wanted it - contact him at the email listed above if you want it.

Also, finds writing about himself in the third person kind of strange. :)


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