The DarkAges. (Starting off my page with a traditional introduction)

AndrewKouzelos is currently a Senior residing in LindeDorm room 244, located in RobsterCraw? at HarveyMuddCollege.

His roommate is StevenVonderPorten, who is commonly refered to as DonNy.

Commonly referred to as DreW. He has the strange property of having more than one name. His official name is John-Andrew Kouzelos but the spectrum of names he currently responds to include: Andrew, John-Andrew, J.A.K., John-Drew, Jakouze, and Vern. The first two are prefered and god knows where the fifth one came from.

He and his roomie are responsible for the ShoweRingSuite ShowerCount? which chronicles the ShoweRings that have occured in ShoweRingSuite, everyone's favorite venue for ShoweRing and the official venue for VrableBall.

Appointed BarbecueOssifer? person for the 04-05 school year.

Andrew is the sole ChemMajor in EastDorm, although EliBogart took PChem. PChem is both fun and easy. Did I mention that toxic chemicals can make one dillusional?

Andrew enjoys cruising the campus on his bicycle(which was stolen twice this last year), burning things, playing card games, and more often than not playing HaLo and HaLo2?. Enjoys watching Babylon5, StarTrek and other SciFi?.

Andrew has a great affinity for maps, roads, freeways, freeway history, and all things roadly or mapular. He has been called both a walking road atlas and a road geek. Some also say he knows more than is healthy about maps and roads. See Also: JakCartographer

Owner of the white gmc jimmy and TheBenz?, a 1980 Mercedes coupe that has been known to defy the laws of Physics with a turning radius approaching zero. Germany wins!

Known to many to be Slightly Crazy, having to take Amphetamines for ADHD. Absence of such medication results in weight gain and random activity. Cocaine's a hell of a drug. -Rick James, Bitch

He has The nAsty habit Of ranDomly inserting Capitals in His essays for No reaSon at All.

   Now for the Quotes:

"The DarkAges" (Hum 2 Essay Draft Intro)

"the k is for chemistry" (whilst doing chem (sorry, khem) homework)

"Surely the reader has herd his grandparents" (Essay Intro)

"Almost Blood" (Upon reaching completion of his chem lab)

"It's a fact that some people (such as firefighters) just get stuck with undesireable jobs" (Hum 2 Essay Randomness)

"It is when two or more people who seek more capital that those just starting out in capitalism often get the shaft." (Hum 2 essay) "These people in the low end of capitalism were thus thoroughly screwed over by the competition"

"yesss, convoluted it was."

"Empty this waste can into that trash bucket" (mild moment of dislexia)

" Ohh, mans. shit shit shit shit shit shit oh god god god help." Context: while backpacking, we attempted to consume the last of the hot chocolate by making all of it in normal cups. Result: 1500 calorie hot coccoa. Kinda strong.

"Anal regurgitation--let's go!" (starting Bio 52 Hw)

"I'd rather stab myself in the leg... again... than endure more chem lab."

"My life hurts." (While attempting complex algebra on a Physics assignment)

It has recently come to our attention that Drew's infamous Essay Introduction, the sentence "The Dark Ages." is in fact a grammatically correct, although incoherent, complete sentence, owing to the fact that to age is a verb. He was still referring to the DarkAges. -It is actually incorrect because he capitalized "Ages" which would be lower case if it was a verb.

"YESS!!, qualitatively! That means I get to guess!" -DreW (after calculating values in a pchem assignment)

"A 100 long foot pole stick." -DreW (referring to things he would not touch Windows ME with)

 Drew: "Donny, 9+7 is 15 right?"
 Donny: "9+7 is 16"
 Drew: "It is?, seven, eight, nine, ..."


John Andrew Kouzelos AnaGrams to "A snoozled junk whore"

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