Andrey Shur is an EastiePerson class of 2011. He lives in East 175 (upstairs), and is rooming with KevinYeung . (This information is slightly outdated)

Recently, Andrey has been seen in the lounge creating automatically-targeting gun-armed robots. Fear for your lives.

Andrey has been known to attack people with a DuctTapeFlail? of his own design when they make references to specific memes. I don't have an exact count of how many times he has done this, but if I had to guess...I would say it is OVER NINE THOUSAND.

He is really Mandrey Shur.

Andrey was also a principle creator of the EDS MightyWanderer , the duct tape pirate ship that several of the East frosh were seen sailing around in on Talk Like A Pirate Day. While it lasted, the ship was the scourge of the Five C's.

He is a Bad Dude.

Possibly helped to create DuctTapeLacrosse.

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