AndyOlson had an illustrious career at Mudd. It is rumored that this career continues OutsideTheBubble. In the beginning, AndyOlson was water frosh, a friendly fiend best remembered for being affixed to a tree with DuctTape and a hose. Later known as the man without a room, AndyOlson wandered the halls of EastDorm, searching for a comfortable bed and later became one of the original GrumpyOldMen? and EastDormPresidents. It is rumored that AndyOlson is single handedly responsible for several changes to the Student Hand Book.

A connoisseur of DuctTape, water, UrbanSpelunking?, BareFeet?, ProfessorRan, Heidegger, and many many other things.

Some evidence may suggest that AndyOlson was intimately involved in the initial establishment of the EastDormSecretPolice, and other illicit entities that don't really exist.

He is currently engaged to StaceyThonstad, and lived at the AlpineButterflyLodge. If you have a problem, and no one else can help, and if you can find him... uh... come visit.


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