AnneClark is from Washington. She wears bright colors and likes to cook and do awesome things. She wears bright colors and sleeps in odd places. AnneClark currently lives in Atwood 220 with MariaMorabe and Jackie Olmos-Silverman. She is a member of the SontagFrosh. AnneClark has been known to go on random bike rides and runs late at night, make yummy food, crochet hyperbolic planes and other awesomenes, sew and be generally crafty, and be mean to MattPrince. She does not know that this page exists.


"Haha, annulus!"
"You are my favorite beverage."
"Matt, do it harder!"
"I need to get some hot cock. It's delicious."
"Do you have a chastity belt?"
"I feel naked without my male genitalia."
"This pit makes me feel so good about myself. So many balls."
"SamGray needs his leg hairs combed."

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