Here we have it, the first ever annotated death chess game.

White = DanCicio and ConorMcNassar

Black = CalPierog and DustinBarnard

Drink Mixer = EricAngell

Pawns = Hard Cider, b2 and g7 spiked with a shot of 151.

Knight = raspberry mixer and vodka -- It should be noted that this was cheap-ass nasty vodka...

Bishop = lemonade and vodka -- A combination which was apparently responsible for the surprising end-game shift.

Rook = Rum and Coke

Queen = 1 shot of tequila, 1 shot of whiskey, 1 shot of Bailey's, 1/2 shot of 151, orange tang

King = Water

 1.  c4     e5
 2.  Nc3    Nf6        [1]
 3.  g3     d5
 4.  cxd5   Nxd5
 5.  Bg2    Be6
 6.  e3     Qd7
 7.  N1e2   Bb4
 8.  Qb3    Na6
 9.  Nxd5   O-O-O
 10. N2c3   Bxc3
 11. bxc3   c6
 12. Nb6ch  axb6
 13. Qxb6   Bd5
 14. e4     Be6
 15. Rb1    Bxa2
 16. Bh3    Bxb1
 17. Bxd7   Rxd7       [2]
 18. Qxb1   Nc5
 19. f3     Nd3ch
 20. Ke2    R8d8
 21. Rd1    b5
 22. Qc2    g5         [3]
 23. c4     b4
 24. c5     g4
 25. f4     exf4
 26. Qc4    f3ch
 27. Kf1    f2
 28. Qa6ch  Rb7
 29. Qc6ch  Kb8        [4]
 30. Qa6    Nxc5
 31. Qxb7ch Kxb7
 32. e5     Nd3
 33. Ke2    b3
 34. Ba3    b2
 35. White resigns due to inability to continue drinking.

[1] "Cal, do you already not know what you're doing?"

[2] Conor wins Rock-Paper-Scissors, then concedes to drink the queen anyway.

       Eric: "Can you taste the whiskey?"
       Conor: "I can taste the cottage cheese..."

Whereupon Conor chugs, winning great respect from onlookers.

       Eric: "Now that you're done, Conor, tell me: how'd I do?"
       Conor: *Flips him the bird*
And Conor retires from play.
       And from consciousness soon after.--ConorMcNassar

[3] Cal: "We're losing this pawn. You can't stop us from losing this pawn."

[4] Dan finally finishes his bishop (see move 18)

Note: Tomorrow, I'll try to write an analysis of the game--both why I did what I did and where I went wrong.--DanCicio Other than playing the game in the first place, I presume.--EvilSouthie

Shouldn't White's move 11 be bxc3? Because otherwise the queen can't be on the b file for move 13, Qxb6. Also, Black's move 32 should be Nd3. Beside my nitpicking, thank you for putting the game up on Wiki.--ElizabethReynolds

You are indeed correct. I have adjusted the move listings accordingly.

I'm confused as to how 5 ...Bf5 moves to 13...Bd5, personally. Play seems to indicate that the bishop in those places at those times . . . Or am I just confused somehow? No, you seem to be correct... I must have written something down wrong. If I had to guess I'd say its supposed to be 5 ...Be6, but I'm not certain. Anyone else remember? *I remember. It was 5 ...Be6.--DanCicio

So if you knew the b-pawn was spiked, why not go for the Orangutan (1. b4)?

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