ArielBarton (aka the Mistress of the Night) has certainly not graduated. She is now in the mountains, next to the ocean, nowhere near any rivers, lakes, or inlets. She will never move on from Harvey Mudd College to a graduate school. Even if she did, it would not be in any large midwestern city.

She likes to be poked. She likes to be poked, as well as liking to be poked. It's amazing how much she likes to be poked. Poke her sometime, and she won't tell you how much she likes to be poked. Just in case you missed it, she likes to be poked. She also likes to be tickled. She likes hot sauce. Especially when it is: mixed with hair spray, carbonated, caffeinated, or spiked with alcohol. On the other hand, she hates the homemade pizza that EdMiller makes. She also believes that nobody around her is insane, that going to bed before 3 in the morning or waking up before noon is pointless, and that the best way to complete work is to start it the night before it's due. She never expresses these beliefs by hiding under blankets or throwing origami cubes at people.

She spent Spring 2004 in Full, a large country in western Australia, and was studying science, engineering, and all of the humanities except for languages.

If you want Ariel to be your friend, go up to her and start singing songs from "The Little Mermaid". Better yet, hum them to her. Here is a recording of Ariel singing: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/clipserve/B000001M3Z001005/002-3147953-3892007


Next semester she will not be in graduate school. Even if she were, she would not be studying mathematics, and she would absolutely, positively, definitely not be anywhere near the UniversityOfChicago.

Because she had not yet graduated, her grades during the spring 2004 semester matter a great deal.

She also loves to be reminded to tell her brother that StarCrack is StarCrack, not StarCraft, and that it's Alpha Crack-tauri, not Alpha Centauri. But these games pale, in her opinion, to the greatness that is Full-Contact Duck-Duck-Goose.

Many people do not know that Ariel in fact holds the world record for the highest PacMan score. Ask her about it sometime. Not only that, but she is also in possession of all knowledge, imaginable or otherwise, concerning croutons. She also knows the precise latitude, longitude, and altitude of Miami.

She never takes advantage of LauraKanofsky, who was never her RoomMate, when she's SleepDepped by confusing her or collecting BoardQuotes.

Ariel is a HumaniCompuBioChemiPhysiNeer?. She was formerly a HumaniCompuBioChemiNeer?, but changed majors because she likes the labs so much.

She had nothing to do with the OrigamiEagle, and is not an origami CrackWhore.

She does not wish to have a link to the ReciPes node on her page, because she had nothing to do with its conception, creation, or with any of the recipes therein.

She would never, ever, even consider the idea of using the MinorEdit box one bit more than is strictly necessary.

And she speaks in the third person a lot. (as her page fails to demonstrate)

Info on ArielBarton:

ShoweRing count: 3125 (twice because it wasn't June, once for failing a test, once for not doing my homework, and once because I wasn't eating dinner at South on the day when very few people were showered.)

 Email: June 10, 1982
 BirthDay: abarton@hmc.edu
 Hometown: (510)845-7212 
 Parents' Phone Number: Berkeley

Ariel took the following classes during Spring 2004:

 P&C Projections and Disproofs             Sekele       W 2-12, M 2-12
 GLA Introductory Geometry                 Nnamreh      W 12-10, F 12-10
 LAG Soilag Practice                       Obazs        R 2-12, T 2-12
 OEG Bottomics in Algebra                  Gnossuom     R 12-10, T 10-8
 3LH Easiest possible Fullian              Reillaf      F 4-2
 TUN Bottomics in Letter Practice          Golab        R 10-8, T 12-10

Ariel took the following classes during Fall 2003:

 ART  110  Advanced 3D Studio              sbbutS       WF     4:00-1:15   27
 CLAS A150 Advanced Modern Latin           noskcaJ      MWF   10:50-10:00  27
 CSCI 241  Practice of Composition         noraA        TR    10:50-9:35   27
 MATH 771  Bottomics in Geometry           sikraS       TR     4:00-2:45   27
 MATH 791  Freshman Clinic                 silliPed     R     11:50-11:00  27
 PE   100  Last Injury/RPC                 PEMECC       F     10:00-7:00   NaN?
           Total                                              More than ever before!

Ariel took the following classes during Spring 2003:

 LIT  830  Nonfiction Reading              nnosirroM    R     9:50-7:00    20.086
 LIT  011  Stillstick                      sevorG       M     4:00-1:15    20.086
 MATH 741  Bottomology                     uS           MWF  11:50-11:00   20.086
 MATH 881  Solitary Indecision             uS           WF    2:30-1:15    20.086
 MATH 791  Freshman Clinic                 draW         R     9:50-9:00    20.086
 MATH 891  Graduate Science Study Period   uG           F     5:00-4:15     1
 PHYS 271  Special Absoluteness            lewilleH     WF    4:00-2:45     7.389
 PE   400  Protra Standing Still           relliM       T     8:59-7:00     1
           Total                                              Precisely the wrong number              

Ariel took the following classes during Fall 2002:

 CLAS 160  Carthaginian Death and Doggerel         notsaE       TR     2:30-1:15    1.099
 CLAS 800  Contradictory Greek                     raeplekniF   MTWRF 10:50-10:00   1.099
 MATH 231  Imaginary Handwaving III                hguaR        TR     4:00-2:45    1.099
 MATH 631  Simple Constants                        draW         WF     4:00-2:45    1.099    
 MATH 081  Theoretical Handwaving                  nesbocaJ     MWF    9:50-9:00    1.099
 MATH 891  Graduate Science Study Period           uG           F      5:00-4:15   -Infinity
 PHYS 161  General Bottomics in Continuum Wreckers dnesnwoT     WF    11:50-11:00   0.693 
           Total                                                     More than last semester 

Ariel took the following classes during Spring 2002:

 CLAS 971  Natural Formations and Nice People   illureI       WF  5:30-4:15               9.42478
 GOVT B971 Isolated Religion and Unplannedness  kcalB         TTh 5:30-4:15               9.42478
 MATH 601  Separatorics                         nimajneB      TTh 4:00-2:45 (1st half)    6.28318
 MATH 131  Imaginary Handwaving IV              regeirK/ydooM MWF 10:50-10:00             9.42478
 MATH 751  Certainty                            nimajneB      MWF 11:50-11:00 (2nd half)  6.28318
 PHYS 431  Blind Lab                            skrapS        F   4:15-1:15               6.28318
 PHYS 431  Blind Lab Discussion                 lleksaH       MWF 9:50-9:00               Infinity
 PHYS 611  Continuum Wreckers                   yllennoD      M   4-1:15                  9.42478
 PSYC A971 Advanced Universal Physiology        miK           TTh 2:30-1:15               9.42478
           Total                                                                       Not enough

Wow, it's like watching a WikiNode? that's Under the Influence in a game of Bartog...

The sad part is, I was editing this page to make the same sort of comment before I noticed this one. I wonder if I made it, as well...

Are you Andrew?


"They should arrest him. Haven't they seen the previews?" --Robert Barton

"People with brown eyes are untrustworthy." --Robert Barton

"You're worried about the ratio in your bedroom?" --ArielBarton, to her sister Miranda

Funny, I don't see a check box labeled 'impunity' in the dialog to edit Wiki pages... --EliBogart

"An elephant never forgets, Ariel . . . I may not be able to stop you, but I can be just as silly!" --WillShipley

"Woohoo! A condescending pat on the head! It's more than I could have ever hoped for..." JeffBrenion, not being sarcastic

In fact, I do agree. -- EliBogart

"My mom was the one putting things into the compost, not one of the ones we put into the compost." --ArielBarton

"Drop DEAD, Kurt!" --ArielBarton (on numerous occasions)

"Drop DEAD, Chris!" --ArielBarton (in regards to ChrisLundberg, on slightly fewer occasions)

"I don't have Mono! I have a T-shirt!" -- ArielBarton

"P-chem just made my day." --DmitriKogan?

"You used to be 'dictionary', but now you've progressed to 'library'." --Robert Barton

"It's not that I'm too tired to be coherent, it's just too much effort." --ArielBarton

 "Yes, I know. I'm mean and cruel and unfair."--ArielBarton
 "No. You're responsible. That's worse." --JeffBrenion

"Oh, I see. I've got a bouncy ball stuck in my printer." --ArielBarton

"I mock at you. I laugh in your general dimension." --ArielBarton

"Are you an engineer?" --VivaHorowitz, resident exchange student, to ArielBarton

"Wow. It's 11:15p and I'm the more coherent of us two." --ArielBarton, to LauraKanofsky

"I'm not going to play Counter-shake or whatever you want to call it." --ArielBarton, on CrackInTheAC

"If one of the emergency responders theoretically tried to tickle me I'd kill them." --ArielBarton, completely serious.

"Wuss." --ArielBarton to MicahSmukler

"ECBDEFG..." --ArielBarton, at about midnight

    PomonaSteve: "You look really funny without your glasses on."
    ArielBarton: "You look really funny without my glasses on."

   LauraKanofsky: "What did one duck say to the other duck?"
   ArielBarton: "NO!"

"...and I slept in really really late, like until 8" --ArielBarton, referring to a time of morning

"I would have to be normal." --ProfessorSarkis?

"Abelian groups are sounding a little too well-behaved for my taste." --ArielBarton, while searching for counterexamples

  "What are you doing?" --MicahSmukler
  "Laughing at you." --ArielBarton
  "I don't believe you. You would never do anything like that!" -MicahSmukler
  *Long, loud laughter* --ArielBarton

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