AtwoodDorm was the home of ItrSuite, and ex-president CodyMachler.

During Winter Break 2012-2013, a hobo lived in the laundry room, according to then-Atwood President Haak's summary of a DAC meeting:

Question: didn't they graduate years ago? Are they secretly hiding out in Atwood instead of facing the real world?

(Atwood now has new presidents... I think AmyGishifu?, AmyBentow?, and another guy... but I'm not sure.)

Incorrect- last year's presidents were Jay Trautman and Andrew Batley. This year our presidents are Boy Wonder and Jon Morley.

The reason no one from EastDorm ever visits AtwoodDorm is because of the "Trials and Dragons" on the way there. Those sprinklers are pretty damn annoying too.

No. The real reason no one from EastDorm ever visits AtwoodDorm is that AtwoodDorm is not actually a dorm at all. It is an AtwoodBall court. Many EastiePeople do infact play AtwoodBall. They do not understand why people live in the AtwoodBall court.

It is incorrect to say that no one from EastDorm visits Atwood. I did visit AtwoodDorm on a number of occasions last year, and I probably will this year as well--when the EastDorm machine is out of MountainDew, the Atwood machine is cheaper (35 cents... too bad there's never actually any soda in it) ... (though having found out about the SouthDorm machine, they'd have to be out as well)

Often known as "The Fortress of Darkness." The name refers to the fact that before the recent renovation Atwood was a dank pit of despair. It is now said that CaseDorm is the only true fortress on campus. "If there is ever a ground-based invasion of HarveyMuddCollege, go to CaseDorm. It's very defensible."

CaseDorm is very well-defensible (I mean, come on! There's even a bridge to pour boiling stuff off of!) but it has been suggested that all one would need to do to break a siege of Case would be to cut off their Ethernet....

... and in Case, no one can hear you scream...

this was actually successfully tested. When MaryPeter and RachelGabor finished moving all their stuff from CaseDorm to EastDorm last semester several EastiePeople piled into their closet, closed the door, and began to scream. When we entered the hallway minutes later and discovered no reaction from the local casites, we decided that in CaseDorm, truly no one can hear you scream

Atwood is ALSO home of BrothelSuite?, which threw an underwear-only party. Watch out for the BrothelFrosh?? though, they may look innocent, but they've been known to bite. Literally.

Atwood? You live in Atwood? I live in Atwood!
As of 2022, Atwood has been put on social probation due to the AtwoodScavengerHunt for two years in a row, and this probably would be for longer if not for the fact that it did not have a scavenger hunt during the 20202021 school year due to the TheCoronavirusExodusOf2020.

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