Avani ('oven - ee') is a random EastiePerson JointMajor Alumna *puff*

Currently doing distributed systems research at UCSC.

 (RealWorld?  I'll have none of it!)

When she's got time she likes playing VideoGames and reading many of the books on the GoodBooks list. Sadly, senior year hasn't correlated well with having time. The current culprits are Galactic Civilizations, DiabloIi and James Morrow.

Also highly recommended are most of the books in ProfessorLevin's former comic book library. I have most of SandMan?, and I can get other books for you from him since he's around a bit.

She also thinks capitalism is scary, which results in BenZeckel calling her a HippieFreak. Sadly, since Graduate Schools can suck fat hairy goat balls, she will have to change this opinion and become a CorporateTool?. See also VeryBitter.

Contrary to MicahSmukler, she thinks "an alicis?" is a perfectly good question, and does in no way correlate with SleepDep ( which as a responsible student she knows nothing about ).

Not very useful information:



  I think that the entertainment industry is one of the least capitalistically corrupt industries at the production
 level.  Partly the realization that when a kid wants to become an artist/writer/muscian when he grows up, he's not
 dreaming about heaps of gold or Ferrarris.  He's dreaming about fame and acceptance, which seems human enough that 
 its alright.  Compare this against Law, or even Medicine.. Discuss.

"Content", you ask? You expected content? Why are you looking here when you could be reading [random books and essays] or following [not-so-mindless links]?

Still bored? Try reading the archives of some WebComics like:

Recently, I've also started reading

 If you're a real CrackWhore, try GregMulert's comic page.


Good Journey.

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