The once-infamous E53, now the renumbered (but still infamous) E59. "A sophomore class oddly occupied by many seniors. Actually contains good material, but yet not taught well."

As of 2021, it has been renumbered yet again as E79.

Better still, it is now offered both semesters, instead of just in the fall, which gives the class of 2002 the unique opportunity of being the the first (and probably last, seeing as graduation requirements have changed to make people take the entire Core in their first 5 semesters or ITR) second-semester seniors in Stems.

In the words of ProfessorEsin, "Stems makes you hate what engineers do to physics."

ProfessorDuron says: "The problem with E59 is that we teach you a bunch of lies."

I'd like to get a copy of the ChaToEnglish and EnglishToCha translations up here on FunWiki eventually (for those of you who don't know, see ProfessorCha)...

Two signals walk into a bar. Ouch

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