Simply put, one of the better Science Fiction shows I have ever seen. -AndrewKouzelos

Its most distinct feature is an epic 5-year story arc. It may seem ordinary at first (though I didn't think so) but it improves dramatically from the first few episodes to the third and fourth seasons. Features great political intrigue, great characters, interesting perspectives on spirituality, and amazing CGI battle scenes- DanielKagan

Was shown at 10:30PM every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the lounge. We reached the end of season 4 at the end of the year.

(Probably) the best website for information on Babylon 5 is:

 [The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5]

Good humor about B5 can be found at:

 [The Babylon 5 humor archive]

(spoils the first two seasons, with some spoilers for the third)


 Season 1- Signs and Portents
 Season 2- The Coming of Shadows
 Season 3- Point of No Return
 Season 4- No Surrender, No Retreat
 Season 5- The Wheel of Fire



 Jeffery Sinclair-
 John Sheridan-
 Susan Ivanova-
 Michael Garibaldi-
 Stephen Franklin-
 Talia Winters-
 Lyta Alexander-
 Bester- He is something happy and colorful, full of candy for little children.  
 Morden- What do you want?
 Jack- Who are you?
Aliens (The Ambassadors and aides)

 Londo Mollari (Centauri)- 
 Vir Cotto -The one who waves.
 G'kar (Narn)-
 Delenn (Minbari)- 
 Kosh (Vorlon)- You are not yet ready to understand this character; is kinky.
    He has always been here


 Zathras- He, is finite.  You, are finite.  This, is wrong node.  No no, never read this.

What color are you?

GreeN! -KevinBergemann

PurPle! -WillShipley


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