in which a a lofted bed and unlofted desk are swapped, this giving the residents of a double a bed-bed and desk-desk configuration.

To do this prank, first remove the upper mattress and everything from one desk. The mattress frame and the desk are removed from their supports by lifting. Once they're lifted out of place, switch them with the other one. Don't forget to leave your name and phone number!

The BedBedDeskDeskPrank was originally developed by LilyFriedberg and CassieRossi for the FroshPrank of 2017. That year it was inflicted on HowardDeshong and AelyAronoff.

In 2018, it was performed on AdamWalker and BenLangton.

In 2019, it was performed on CatherinePhillips and GeorgiaWitchel?, and was kept that way for the rest of the year.

In 2021, it was performed on KerriaPangNaylor? and ZoeWorrall.

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