This page doesn't exist, and probably shouldn't. But Beky wants it to exist anyway.

According to her suite-mate, Beky is pretty, and according to TimeSuck XII, Beky is cute. But she doesn't believe it. You should all tell her such things how many times a day?

Beky is a former PurpleFrosh, the sequel to HeatherJustice. PurPle is awesome!!!!

She is also a female CS major. Apparently they're rare?

Frosh Year Room/Suite?-Mates: East: KrisFong?, SarahLoeb, KaiteSchmiedicke?

Summer '08 Case: SarahLoeb, KrisFong?, AnnJohnson?, others...

Sophmore Year: East: KrisFong?, DanMoore, ChrisFerguson

Junior Year: East: KrisFong?, KathrynLingel, EmilyMyers?-Stanhope

Summer '10: West Virginia: Parents

Senior Year: East Single! Suited with (who else?) KrisFong?

Conclusion: KrisFong? is the best roommate I could ever have ^_^


Frosh year:

 Beky has a weak PatriNumber of 3.

 Beky worked on uncorrupting the CorruptorOfFrosh

Intermittent Years:

 Was apparently very boring and did nothing...

Senior Year:

 Spent some time InRaisBed

Beky Quotes:

"I'm sketchy out of the corner of your eye."

"I don't want to be a blighter, I'm a NICE chaotic evil druid."

Ryan: It died and then it came back and then it died again.
Beky: Like Jesus!

"Who should I trash for Virtue?"

Beky: What are you trying to do then?
Sarah: I'm trying to touch you.
Beky: We should find a more compromising... (trails off)


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