MustacheBen? is not a FrOsh!!!!!

In 2018-2019, BenBracker is the EDC AKA "Cheese frosh" Along with sophomores AelyAronoff and EllieByrnes. In 2019-2020, BenBracker is still and Elected Cheese Official along with AustinFroelich and AdamWalker and EdwardJacobs

On Friday Oct. 26th, MustacheBen? was snapped away by Thanos.

In the year of our lord 2021-2022, MustacheBen? was again EDC (East Dorm Cheese), along with RyanButler and LukeStemple?. He is also a wet sponge ("that is factually correct enough that I'll let it pass").

CatBus enthusiast.

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