Was resident and co-dictator of East 104 (09/10), East 108 (10/11), East 112 (11/12), better known as the TardisCake.
Interrupted her completion run of the east side of EastDorm in favor of SuiteTimeTravel? in SontagDorm.
Well known for button-mashing as melee characters in video games, much to the exasperation of the group healer.
Involved in RowsOfRhos (2009).

If Beryl were a food, she would be a tootsie roll.

Is having an affair with Google Chrome. Apparently fell in love after hiring Chrome as a relationship counselor between her and JavaScript?.

"Guys? There are Daleks in my MacGyver?..."

"They're so cheerful I want to stab something!"

"How do we know her parents aren't demon worshipers?"

"The devil is the devil, but demons often have weird names without vowels."

"We just needed to spread the STDs. It fixed everything!"


"Condoms should be sacred!"

"So, instead of torturing it slowly to death, you can behead it quickly" -Dietrich "OH! That's clever!" - Beryl

Quotes ABOUT BerylEgerter :
MaryRachelStimson: "You know, you can get OUT of InRaisBed sometimes."
RaiFeren: "Why is Beryl the only sane man?" BerylEgerter: "I ask myself that more, every day..."

"I was saying stuff 'cause it made me seem cool!"

"Killing people is just one of your charms, Rai."

[1/25/13 1:05:42 AM] Beryl: so
[1/25/13 1:05:46 AM] Beryl: i really want the
[1/25/13 1:05:56 AM] Beryl: "Affordable boner for everyone"


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