"And Joan of Arc's Fourier Transform ascends into heaven..." --ProfessorBright

BigStems, also known as E101 and E102, is a pair of courses courses taken by junior engineering majors. It seeks to teach them all of things that they should have (and didn't) learn in BabyStems. It is typically taught by ProfessorBright and Professor Whoever-gets-blackmailed-into-teaching-it-with-Bright. Traditionally, ProfessorBright teaches the first half as Shakespeare's histories, with continuous systems representing England and discrete systems representing France, and the second half as Hamlet. It is possibly the most useful course in the engineering corps. Topics covered in E101 typically include:

- Fourier Transforms

- Laplace Transforms

- Stability of Systems

- Power Spectral Densities

- Control Systems

- and much, much more

This year (2010), ProfessorDuron will be teaching 101 with Bright.

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