JL wandered, the ever-present and unnoticed observer, and came upon an over-looked treasure. His synapses twitched in that oh-so-familiar twinge of pre-spin-euphoria. Contemplation melted into pain as inertia jabbed a BigSplinter into his pinky. A trip to TitusWinters and his Duct Tape made the BigWood safe for all. Add your name when /you/ have spun it!

Spinners of the BigWood(in chronological order):


		-Behind the back, JoseluisEspinosa
		-Balancing on chin, MicahSmukler & MattMacauley
                -Over the head, KurtDresner & DanSmith

C'mon people, add your own. Addendum: Oh yeah, for safety's sake, try wearing [JohnWalseth]'s hardhat. It should be balanced atop the BigWood, or if not, you could always go ask him for it (its in the closet shelf).

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