3y3 4m 8i11. 3y3 r0XXX0r. w007...and GlayviN...and whatnot...

Relaxed former football guy who is now super-geek guy computer guy. Very nice and non-chalant.

Champion of Joust. I beg to differ. Not that we should compete, because that would be the most masochistic thing ever. --PaulScott

Oddly enough, listens to hip-hop. Epitomizes the meaning of a)Procrastination, b)Nocturnal.

Currently lives in East 151 with roommate MarshallPierce.

I can probably name a few Easties who epitomize(d) those traits a bit more so. One former frosh immediately comes to mind.--DanCicio

"God damnit! Would that bot stop shooting at my balls already?" -- while playing UnrealTournament?

"I'm not worried about a feisty weasel tweaking my scrotum with a chainsaw." - Bill, in reference to the threat of funny words.

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