This page is dead.

Died May 2010, and then graded as a zombie for SummerMath 2010.

Has an ErdosNumber? of 3 and WhedonNumber of 4. Has a PurityScore of 42.6 (Fall 2013).

Is a SketchyAlum.

Lives in SanFrancisco? and likes food + alcohol. If you are ever in SanFrancisco? and want food or alcohol or a place to crash he will fix you up. Has a ridiculously comfortable couch.


Now looking for jobs because fuck GradSchool.

Wears the same outfit every time he goes out dancing. For years.

Is an OmniSexual?. Ask him about it some time.

More people should opt in to KissiWeb so I can actually update this section.


Kept for Archival Purposes

Lived/lives/will live in:

A corpse, class of 2010. Is still a SillyFrosh. Is also now officially a MathMajor.

Bob wonders if it is ok to use his FunWiki page, or rather any FunWiki page, to post information regarding organizing of online MagicTheGathering drafts. He needs somewhere to post ip addresses of hosts such that people can easily see or modify them. He imagines it would be something along the lines of the ContactGames page, but not sure if it's appropriate since it's not a strictly EastDorm related activity, whereas ContactGames arguably are?


Was a SandWich maker at ToGo?'s the summer before he came to HarveyMuddCollege, and during the 07-08 winter break. If you're in the Ventura area you should stop by and ask for a turkey and cheese (#3), and then ask for added avocado, because this order pisses him off (since you have to cut the bread differently for a sandwich with avocado. A better solution would be to order a turkey and avocado (#24) and then request cheese. This method is also more cost effective).

His current favorite is turkey + ham + avocado + LettuceTomatoOnionSaltPepper?. The second is chicken breast + avocado + mushroom + LettuceTomatoOnionSaltPepper?. If you ask him nicely he may make one for you. In fact if you pay him $3 ($4 with avocado or extra meat) and ask him even in a not necessarily nice manner, he will make one for you. The sandwich shop in Sontag 107 is now open!

Is now off the meal plan. For him, this is difficult as he has orchestra/choir many many evenings out of the week, so cooking is more difficult than you might imagine.

Has a sister he is extremely proud/jealous of.

Now I have frosh!

Needs a better FunWiki page. Also needs to learn to use the MinorEdit Button.

He smells really good. No seriously, he does. Just walk up to him and sniff him. Also his reaction is really funny.

Is currently the primary recipient of the TreaSon ClueByFour. This would be alleviated if he learned to ShutTheFuckUp. n00b.

He's part of the SketchyMobile?. How sketchy.

Worked at JohnsHopkins' CenterforTalentedYouth? the summer of 2007 as a TA for CryptoLogy?, at the LoyolaMarymount? site in SantaMonica?. Did research at Mudd, part of the AppliedRepresentationTheory? group with ProfO? summer of 2008. Did research at UNCGreensboro, part of the Algorithmic Combinatorics on Words program, summer of 2009.

Should have taken the GRE in April of his junior year. Oh well.

As of 18:35 PM 9/20/07, BobChen has ended TheGame. Wooooo ChronoTrigger.


Alas, the BobEffect? has basically crashed and burned after BobNRobin? broke up. His second SanDiego? roommate never gained a romantic partner, NewYork? roommate got dumped over the summer, first SanFrancisco? roommate never found a partner, and second SF roommate just recently dumped his girlfriend. Perhaps it should be renamed.

Has a strong PatriNumber; however, he's forgotten what it is.

I am too lazy to do nice formatting now. Unless someone wants to format all my classes for me, this section will now just be a "list of classes".

Schedule for Fall 2009:

 CSCI 197  HM: Advanced Mathematical Logic
 MATH 199  HM: Senior Thesis
 MATH 136  HM: Complex Analysis
 MATH 331 CGU: Graduate Analysis I
 CLAS 008A PO: Intro Latin
 MUS  172A SC: Chamber Music: 1800 - Present
 MUS  175A SC: Concert Orchestra
 MUS  173A SC: Concert Choir
 MUS  033  PO: Pomona Orchestra
 MUS  020  PO: Clarinet Lessons
 SIGO 005  SC: Significant Other V
 SIGO 005L SC: Significant Other V Lab
 SIGO 001  HM: Significant Other I
 SIGO 001L HM: Significant Other I Lab
 MATH 132G HM: Grutoring Analysis 2
 CSCI 081G HM: Grutoring Computability and Logic

Schedule for Spring 2009:

 MATH 189  HM: Partitions
 MATH 198  HM: Math Forum
 MATH 174  HM: Abstract Algebra II: Representation Theory
 MATH 147  HM: Topology
 MATH 104  HM: Graph Theory
 CSCI 081  HM: Computability and Logic
 PHIL 125  HM: Ethical Issues in Science and Engineering
 MUS  172A SC: Chamber Music: 1800 - Present
 MUS  175A SC: Concert Orchestra
 MUS  173A SC: Concert Choir
 MUS  020  PO: Clarinet Lessons
 SIGO 004  SC: Significant Other IV
 SIGO 004L SC: Significant Other IV Lab
 MATH 131G HM: Grutoring Analysis I
 CSCI 140G HM: Grutoring Algorithms

Schedule for Fall 2008:

 MATH 180  HM: Applied Analysis
 MATH 175  HM: Number Theory
 MATH 168  HM: Algorithms
 MATH 132  HM: Analysis II
 MUS  101  SC: Music Theory I
 MUS  175A SC: Concert Orchestra
 MUS  173A SC: Concert Choir
 MUS  033  PO: Pomona Orchestra
 MUS  010  PO: Clarinet Lessons
 SIGO 003  SC: Significant Other III
 SIGO 003L SC: Significant Other III Lab
 MATH 171G HM: Grutoring Math 171
 CSCI 065G HM: Grutoring CS 65
 PE   001  JP: Weights - Advanced Free Weights

Schedule for Spring 2008:

 MATH 189  HM: Topics in Discrete Mathematics                ProfessorPippenger          M W        2:45-4:00
 MATH 131  HM: Mathematical Analysis I                       ProfessorSu                 M W        1:15-2:30
 MATH 106  HM: Combinatorics                                 ProfessorBenjamin           M W        11:00-12:15
 MATH 172  HM: Abstract Algebra II: Galois Theory            ProfessorSu                 M W F      10:00-10:50
 ENGR 059  HM: Intro to Engineering Systems                  ProfessorCha                 T R       8:10-9:25
                                                             ProfessorMolinder               F      9:00-9:50
 MUS  084  HM: Jazz Improvisation                            ProfessorKeller              W        8:30-10:00
 MUS  173A JM: Concert Choir                                 ProfessorKamm?              M W        4:15-5:45
 CSCI 189  HM: Programming Practicum                         ProfessorDodds               T         4:15-5:30
 CSCI 060G HM: Grutoring CS 60                               ProfessorDodds                  F      1:00-3:00
                                                             ProfessorKeller            By Appointment
 MATH 171G SC: Grutoring Algebra I
 PE   001  JP: Weights - Advanced Free Weights               ProfessorScalmanini?        By Appointment
 MUS  010  PO: Clarinet Lessons                              ProfessorSilva?             By Appointment
 MUS  172A SC: Chamber Music: 1800 - Present                 ProfessorHuang?                 F      11:00-12:00
                                                                                                Su  8:00-9:00
 MUS  033  PO: Pomona Orchestra                              ProfessorLindholm?           T R       6:45-9:00
 MUS  035  PO: Pomona Band                                   ProfessorKlein?             M W        6:45-8:15

 SIGO 002  SC: Significant Other II                          ProfessorDobashi            By Appointment
 SIGO 002L SC: Significant Other II Lab                      ProfessorDobashi            By Appointment

Schedule for Fall 2007:

 CSCI 060  HM: Principles of Computer Science                ProfessorAlvarado            T R       1:15-2:30
 MATH 171  HM: Abstract Algebra I                            ProfessorBenjamin           M W        1:15-2:30
 PSYC 010  PZ: Introduction to Psychology                    ProfessorMoore?             M W        2:45-4:00
 PHYS 051  HM: Electricity and Magnetism                     ProfessorSahakian            T R       9:35-10:50
                                                             ProfessorEsin               M W        10:00-10:50
 PHYS 053  HM: Electricity and Magnetism Lab                 ProfessorSaeta                  F      3:15-5:15
 BIOL 052  HM: Introduction to Biology                       ProfessorAsai?              M W        11:00-12:15
                                                                                            R       2:45-3:35
 MUS  084  HM: Jazz Improvisation                            ProfessorKeller              W        8:30-10:00
 MUS  173A JM: Concert Choir                                 ProfessorKamm?              M W        4:15-5:45
 CSCI 005G HM: Grutoring CS 005                              ProfessorDodds               T         2:45-4:45
                                                             ProfessorKuenning              R       10:00-12:00
 PHYS 023G HM: Grading Relativity                              ProfessorSaeta              By Appointment
 MUS  010  PO: Clarinet Lessons                              ProfessorRanz?              By Appointment
 MUS  033  PO: Pomona Orchestra                              ProfessorLindholm?           T R       6:45-9:00
 MATH 191  HM: Putnam Seminar                                ProfessorBernoff             T         6:00-7:30
 SIGO 001  SC: Significant Other I                           ProfessorDobashi            By Appointment
 SIGO 001L SC: Significant Other I Lab                       ProfessorDobashi            By Appointment


 Why does talking to you make my face hurt?

 Damn, I really want to play Mao. Oh shit, I just lost the game, but I still really want to play Mao.

 RobinDobashi: Otherwise I just really want to bang my head against something hard.
 BobChen: (looks down at crotch) Um, give me a moment.

 I'm firming! I'm firming!

 No fucking seaking is gonna fucking fuck us, sweetie. I'll fuck him first.

 I'm an adult now, I need a Nerf gun!

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