Boron, California is the proud home of California's largest pit mine, a fantastic Mexican seafood restaurant, and the world's largest source of borax. It has long* been a tradition for East frosh to make a pilgrimage to Boron each Fall Break. The 2011 trip was conceived by JacobPeacock; organized by AllisonMis; attended by JandroAlderman, VivianSteyert, ChrisSugino, RachelRoley, JohnathanAshley, MaryEliseElam and EmmaDavis; mocked extensively by PaNts and GeorgeAspesi; and resented by many lounge residents who were begged for vehicles and/or forced to endure constant discussion about the trip. The trip was an awesome success and AllisonMis and JacobPeacock will be strongly encouraging next year's frosh to attend.

 *tradition established by 2015 frosh in Fall '11. "Long" is relative**. 
 ** 2,015 frosh?  That's a lot of you.

 **There's a "that's what she said" joke in there somewhere...

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