Sadly, BrianKirkpatrick has matriculated to that Big Grad School in the Sky (or at least outside the bubble). He's now at bkirkpat@calpoly.edu; in the meantime, enjoy some tidbits that remind you of the good times he shared at Mudd:


Top 10 Movies of All Time:

Top 10 Computer Games of All Time:


Favorite Artists, in no particular order:

Favorite Restaurants, by genre:

The Greatest TV Show of All Time:

Top 10 Not-Sacred Books of All Time:


Aliases. Or Aliae. Or Alae. What's the plural?

WorldOfWarcraft characters: (name - info - server)

Creator / artist of [Smogwarts], a Mudd-based webcomic. Yay for permenant web hosting!

Founding president of [MARC, the Mudd Amateur Rocket Club]. Yay squared!

Proud participant in the VictoriasSecretCaptchathon of 2009!

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