Creator (and moderator, hopefully) of ChessersTournament. Although probably not, at this point.

Creator also of NudistTentacleCult. Currently campaigning for StripWorms? to become the most wanted page (or explained, one or the other).

BrianRoney is EvilSouthie. He plays nasty tricks on Easties like handing them four by four by four Rubik's Cubes while they're trying to prepare for parties or doing Stems. He also has fun toys like four player Stratego and many video games. He streaks. He currently resides in Atwood 120, a first floor triple. He commonly jumps in SuperSmashBrothers games, and is supposedly kind of good at it.

Well, I seem to handle stream of thought better when I speak with "I", so that's what I'm going to do from here on. If this bothers somebody, please feel free to change it to third person.

Anyway, I'm BrianRoney. Nice to meet you. I'm 5'11", 140 lbs, with brown hair, and bluish green eyes (my mom insists they're blue, my friends insist they're green, I compromised). As the previous sentence demonstrated, I tend to use lots of parentheses when I write. I'm still not sure where I picked up that habit, but I think it has something to do with not taking myself seriously (or maybe being honest, which I think I'll describe later on).

I find most things in life vastly amusing, and generally say so. My roommate this year, DavidClarke?, said something a while ago that made me start thinking that if there is a God (I'm agnostic, for those curious), his sense of humor definitely leans towards the ironic. I started telling some frosh about myself in the hopes of getting them to actually remember me (as opposed to the other 300 people or so that they're supposed to memorize before the... oops, shouldn't say too much), and generally their response was "Wow, that's depressing." (generally they were talking about the events that have happened to me, not me myself, although who knows) I found this amusing (see?), since I'm a very optimistic person most of the time (again, fleshing this out later).

Incidentally, since I'm sure I haven't told _everybody_ yet, here's what happened the summer between my freshman and sophomore years at Mudd:

Went to E3 (this was during the end of finals week)

Went home, which had moved, since my parents wanted to be further south (they're now an hour south and east instead of an hour north and west). So there was lots of dust and construction noise (I woke up at 8AM everyday to hear jackhammers right outside my window)

Had a foot operation (I had fallen out of bed the previous semester and chipped a bone in my foot, which then got stuck in the joint and hurt whenever I walked)

Had a head operation (I had three moles removed, one of which was turning cancerous. It took 30 stitches, and was the most pain I've ever been in in my life, and the first time I've needed pain medication. I also got really depressed around this time (the two-day-after shower didn't help. Watching clumps of hair and blood fall off your head is fairly unsettling), which I'll talk about later.)

Went to Florida. This really deserves its own page for all the stuff that went wrong, but I'll just summarize. Drought ended, rained every day. The parks sucked (it was a Disney vacation. Four days on land, three day cruise), we missed the one good ride at Epcot and then it broke down when we tried to go back, we were forced into four different hotel rooms over five nights, the first hostage situation in thirty-seven years at a Disney hotel happened a few doors down from us, trapping my sister in our hotel room for six hours, it rained in the Bahamas, the one thing we did on the cruise was a snorkeling package, but my mom hurt her ankle and my dad got tired, so just my sister and I went.

I started work at www.quicksilver.com, working on www.moo3.com. (That's Master of Orion 3, one of the most anticipated strategy games in the world right now).

I overslept work one day and talked a girl I met on the internet out of suicide, so I figured that was worth missing one day. Now she's got a crush on me, and things are a little interesting.

I lost some purity points that I probably shouldn't list details here.

I went to the Classic Gaming Exposition in Las Vegas, and won $50 for being the best player at a game called Reactor. (this was against world record holders for tetris and pacman and such, so it was a pretty elite crowd)

I went to an incoming frosh party. That was kind of funny, having gone from the quiet little frosh to the talkative sophomore. They got a little nervous when they heard all my stories about last year, though.

Speaking of which, I discovered that my sleeping problems last year (which I'll go into again later) were caused in part by my allergy medicine. I stopped taking that and started sleeping 6-8 hours again. Wonderful feeling. I wish Baxter had caught it.

That's pretty much my summer, actually. There's probably some other small stuff that isn't as interesting.


Anyway. I'm kind of strange. I earned various nicknames as a frosh, among them "EvilSouthie" (at East), "VideoGame Frosh" (at South), "Sleep Frosh" (also at South), "The Naked Guy" (at West), and some others that didn't get used more than a few times. I tend to go by EvilSouthie most of the time.

I got the VideoGame frosh nickname by playing TetrisAttack in the lounge during my pre-frosh stay and getting good enough at it in two days to beat most of the regulars. I eventually got to the point where I could play indefinitely at level 1 (longest game I remember timing ended up around 25 minutes when I was playing with Eli), and could last up to six minutes or so on level 8. I'm likely much worse now, since I haven't kept up. I also used to be very good at SuperSmashBrothers, and even beat JohnWalseth in single combat. Again, I got worse over the summer since I didn't practice at all. I still think I'm pretty good in single combat, but my free-for-all group fighting got a lot worse.

The preceeding paragraph amuses me now. "likely much worse" indeed. Sophomore year played an hour straight on level 8 (TetrisAttack).

I got Sleep Frosh because freshman year I had a medical side effect of getting drowsy from my antihistamine. Longest straight sleeping was around 22 hours, but that was on a Tuesday. I think I slept through more Chem lectures then I got to, and I had to get my suitemate to turn in my Physics homework. I eventually had no ability to predict when I would be asleep or awake, and completely bombed my classes. I was on AcademicProbation? because of this, but since I'm doing better now (I also gave up caffiene and am drinking only water, and am going to sleep at midnight every weeknight, so that be helping too), I think I have a good chance at lasting this out.

Is currently believed to have both a weak and strong PatriNumber of 3. Much to his surprise. The "strong" one depends on definition used.



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