aka Crazy Bryan


Joint Chem-Bio major of 2013

Dorm President with CoreyLoescher and AaronPribadi 2011 and Dorm Mentor with SidraHussain 2011

Worked in the Vosburg Lab Spring '11 and the Haushalter Lab Spring '12. Thesis'd in Haushalter Lab

As a frosh he lived in East 105 with roommate JosiahGaskin

As a sophmore he lived in East 152 with roommate CorwynEvansKlock

As a junior he lived in East 172 suiting with StephanieLevins

As a senior he lived in East 174 suiting with AllisonCard

Wishes to remain anonymously involved in RowsOfRhos the 2009 LongTallGlasses prank

Originator of the phrase "Put it on your head!" during Eastmas, 2012.

Will not punch anyone in the throat, but will gladly assist mentees in punching abstract problems (such as roommate conflict) in the throat. (PunchItInTheThroat)

Takes emergency dictatorial powers in a coup d'etat (Nov 5, 2011).

All hail Emperor Bryan!*


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