The BugOfDoom is of a species thought to go extinct millions of years before dinosaurs roamed the earth. It resembles an ancient fossilized species of dragonfly, a species which had a 3 foot wingspan. The BugOfDoom eats babies for breakfast and has been known to pick up small cars in order to find itself a tasty meal. Currently, the BugOfDoom is living in the EastDormLounge and terrorizing the populace therein.

Incidentally, the BugOfDoom is attracted to bright light. This includes the lights on the NastShelf?, the overhead lights, the light behind the bar (which cannot be turned off), and any and all computer screens in the lounge. Rumor has it that if a human is sitting near a bright light that the BugOfDoom finds attractive, the BugOfDoom will eat the entire human in one bite.

The BugOfDoom cannot be killed with shoes, flyswatters, or bug spray. All have been tried as a method to rid the world of the BugOfDoom, and all have failed.

For one week, it was thought that the BugOfDoom had vanished...but it had returned, more powerful than ever before, and attempted to kill ZekeKoziol, who barely escaped with his life.

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