Just having returned from the PomonaSignPrank, HowardDeshong and AelyAronoff, still excited by the prospect of more pranking, decided that it was about time to prank Caltech again. The last time Mudders had pranked the damn place was 10 years ago! Just then, Howard had the idea of his life.

"What if we put a plaque in front of the cannon commemorating the CalTechCannon heist from the 80's!?"

The idea was brilliant, but they needed to come up with a way to bring the plaque to Caltech and place it there without the techies being able to remove it once we'd arrived. So they hatched a plan. They would construct a 2,000 pound concrete monolith in front of the cannon, affix the plaque to the structure, and then fill the whole thing with sand just to make it a pain in the ass to clean up!

Crazy enough, the damn thing actually worked! The following morning, the concrete structure was still there, gleaming in the sunshine. That morning was the morning of PreFrosh Weekend at Caltech, and hundreds of Caltech prefrosh got to see the plaque. Great for publicity!

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