This node contains a history of RolePlaying campaigns that have occured at Mudd. Add your own or fill in details.

Old campaigns archived to DeadCampaignList. The rest of the old-looking ones are probably undead - make sure to wear silver.

Ravenloft (11/98 - ?)

The Ruins of Khazad (5/01 - present [still going?!?])

Lori and Steph's Campaign (does it have a name?) (3/02 - present [conclusion pending?])

Silent Nights in Akratha (a.k.a. Ed's Summer Campaign) (5/02-present[?])

Josh's Summer Campaign (name?) (6/02-present)

Round Robin IM Star Wars (6/02--presently on hiatus)

Eye of Chaos (2/03 - 6/05) (see EyeOfChaos)

Matt's First Deadlands Campaign (9/03 - 5/04)

Richard's StarWars Campaign (Spring '04 to not too long afterwards)

Matt's Second Deadlands Campaign (9/04 - 12/04)

Caladania2? (Fall '04 - Winter '05 and resuming sometime)

RyanRiegel's DonJon game (as yet nameless)

Josh's Evil Underground Campaign (Sping '05, died quickly due to lack of interest)

WorstExaltedCampaignEver (summer and fall of '05)

Matt's Third Deadlands Campaign (9/05 - ongoing)

Will's MountainWitch? Campaign (2/06 - ongoing)

For the record, I'm sad this page hasn't been edited since I died... --DuctTapeGuy

Epic of the Undying (9/12 - 3/15)

Orion (9/16 - present)

System DnD? 5e

Curse of Strahd (10/18 present)

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