A limitless fountain of FrOsh Energy. Known to be incredibly goofy, and is also incredibly good at math. Like, frighteningly so.

Very down to do anything interesting - ask him to teach you how to make a LARP sword! Worst FrOsh according to CatherinePhillips.

Trivia: Was named after same Carleton as CarletonCollege? was named after. Tis easy for him to find swag with his name on it.

Originator of BadIdea "oh here, try an olive; it's like a cherry but slightly worse". Be aware that this is a BadIdea.

Spontaneously initiates cuddles and combats. Uses slinky as projectile. Definitely a spicy FrOsh.

Has a passion for social dancing

East Dorm Pyromaniac

Loves chem

Thought of GoodIdea "fan the fire with an electric fan"

Also goes by "Carly"

Doesn't like the name "Carl" yet uses it for drink orders

Really likes pastel colors

Shoes left in the lounge are probably his. Actually, many of his personal belongings are in the lounge

Made giant clock in the lounge

Self-proclaimed leader of the 2022-2023 EDCs

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