Students came out of lectures to find the windows facing Hixon court covered with photocopies of cat pictures taped up. There were Dr. Seuss cats and real cat pictures and on one of the central windows a frosh homework assignment sheet taped up with the last problem boxed with orange highlighter.

Problem statement:

"Galileo has been evacuated of air as well as people, and cats with a de Broglie wavelength of 1 meter are streaming from the doors and piling up against the glass (30 meters from the doors) in an interference experiment. How long will it take to complete this experiment?"

        --- Frosh Physics Problem, December 2003 (this type-up shamelessly stolen from email RichardGarfinkel sent to schmack)

"...pictures of cats taped up in interference fringes...."(RG)

Did anyone get any pictures of this prank? --KatieLewis

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