Catherine Phillips is the best-dressed person in EastDorm. Even when they are wearing pajamas they are immaculate.

It is hard to describe Catherine Phillips by what they are. So perhaps we can describe what they are not. They are never going to give you up, or let you down- wait, that's a song. But they're a wonderful person.

In 2019-2020, was a member of UnitedPlantFederation and continues to tell many stories about their seniors, especially HarryFetsch and LilyFriedberg.

As of 2022, of the EastDormCoparents? with NickGrisanti. Described by frosh as one who "for some reason has captured the love and attention of all the frosh".

Beware: Can get very carsick. Exercise caution.

Creator of StarTrekFriday

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