Chainmaille, class of 2005. Current location: Seattle. Not working for TheEvil?, thank-you very much.

Call me Chainmaille. Or call me Chris. What the hell. Call me Joe. But don't expect me to answer. I'll flesh this out later when I have more than two minutes to browse FunWiki.Stupid Bio 52.

Okay, I have more than two minutes.Let's do this.

Chainmaille (that's me) is currently an alumnus who likes putting parenthetical comments (like this one) in his sentences (perhaps too often). He's primarily known for making pretty little things out of bits of metal, hence the name. He has a website on Turing (yay free webspace...I'm only paying 35k or so per year) dealing with these bits of metal [here] (long since moved [here]). Threaten him too much and he may beat on you with some of the larger bits of metal.Or at least threaten to do so. Or maybe he'll just throw shiny things at you. Don't tempt him.

Bah. Enough with the third person.

Largest bit of metal currently: a 3' 7/16" steel rod. Fear me. DTO!

I'm mildly obsessed with videogames (as opposed to freshman year, when I was a semipermanent fixture in front of the lounge TV). I'm more or less omnivorous, although I have a fairly heavy bent towards old games. Y'know, the ones that weren't capable of being shiny, so they had to focus on gameplay instead? Ahhh, gameplay. How we miss thee. Some examples of games I think did particularly well:

Current classes: N units of RealLife? lab.

So yeah. I have a FunWiki page. It's about damned time. The following may not flow in any logical sense from one item to the next; it's not so much that there is no structure as that what structure there is is fragmented, self-centered, and not about to deign to actually be helpful in any meaningful sense of the word.

I supplied the torch for the ScaryCheese experiments. Dayamn. Glad I don't eat that stuff...

I've taken up an interest in poi spinning, which should be fun. Dangerous for innocent bystanders, but fun.

I also have a sideline in making ConLangs. Well, I more like to make interesting character sets, but the ConLang stuff kinda goes hand in hand with that.

"When I was in school, I had to walk twenty miles, through the snow, uphill, in a vacuum!" - ProfessorKuenning

"They're different. They may be different in the sense that they're the same, but they're different, dammit!" - ChainMaille

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