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Also known as Chris Frosh. Will be a member of GsixtyThree suite in EastDorm next year. His FreshMan year, he was a virtual SophoMore taking as many sophomore classes as frosh ones. Was even in the sophomore class picture. A former resident of BrothelSuite. Who knows what trouble he'll get into this year! The Shadow knows...

He has seen at least half of all movies. It's True.

Please realize that Chris himself is a BadIdea.

He enjoys movies (see GoodFlix), art, and play. He is about 5'8" and about 150 lbs. In other words, he's a wuss (see EricBrown). Chris loves to try new things.

And he's a cutie. Everybody wants Chris.
crazy going slowly am i... sometimes, though, he can't remember them all, so feel free to add. Chris likes to collect really cool non-words: I hope that doesn't mean what I know it as...-EjWu

That means exactly what it sounds like. mmmmm... tasty... -LucasBaker

Q: What was i going to say?
Probably JointMajor, MathMajor, PhysicsMajor, ComputerScience Major, ArtMajor?, PhilosophyMajor?, and ManyOthers.
despite what he tells people, he can spell. In fact, he is the best speller in the whole world. There is no one that can spell better than Chris. He is the best.

Thrives on all that is wacky or surreal in this world. He is at home with that which many find un-knowable. He is also prone to making vague meaningless third-person comments about himself that have no actual basis on reality as we know it. He likes Jiggly-Puff.

And of course, he always tells the truth. ; )

What is this? ahhh... it must be a story! It has to be. What else could it be? if it were not a story would it ramble on so? saying all that it says? would it have such flair and charisma? would it, honestly now, would it have such a great teller? surely it must be so. It is. It is a story. It wants to be a story. It yearns for it. It has a secret passion. A strong passion. and it grows. It grows down deep. waiting. waiting for that time. that time. when it will be set free. The Passion. Oh, it aches to be set free. and free it shall be set. For it must be. it has to be. But what if it's not? what then? what will become of it? Will it last? will there still be hope? how is it to go on if there will be no hope? it wiats now. it Ponders these questions, and it waits. soon. soon it will know. or it will ot know. for know might mean that there is no hope and knowing that there is no hope would mean that there is no Reason. no reason. For going on. then knowing that there is no future going moght be like knowing tht there is nothing. nothing left. who knows? certainly not it. it is peaceful now. It sleeps soon. it waits. and soon it wakes. it wakes and again. and again, it releases it's glorious passion. And it flows, it flows a swells. It grows and swells. It flows and then it's there, and then it's not there. and then it's back. and it waits. and it stops waiting. no more waiting. now. Now is the Time. and time is a gift. and you give away your time. everytime you waste time you give it away. and it doesn't want to be given away. It ponders these questions. And It wants to be a story.
too much crack!
Q: Why am I so weird? -- ChrisPries

A: Forty-seven couches and an oranguntang

What a night that was! -- ChrisPries


This is Chris' movie section has been moved to ChrisMovies wuahahaha....
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...6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, switch.

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