They lie. It's milk.

No, it's liquid nast. --JulieWortman

There does, however, appear to be a spatial warp around the drinking fountains in Galileo Foyer that de-milkifies the local water. Nowhere else in the building does this occur. --WillShipley

Neh. The fountain in EastDormLounge, when plugged in, makes ClaremontWater rather tolerable, if not de-milkified. And perhaps you're less likely to notice the nast when you're tired after an ItrGames session? --JulieWortman

If you took a shower, and then just let yourself air dry, would the ClaremontWater dry into some kind of adamantine-like body armor? I really think this is worth looking into. -- PaulScott

ProfessorEckert recently spent the better portion of a FroshPhysics recitation complaining about the evils of ClaremontWater, especially the evils of having to replace one's water filter entirely too often because of all the assorted nast growing in it. I do wish I'd written down some of the stuff he said; 'twas amusing. --JulieWortman

Elaborate at whim, punk.

I think during Chemical Engineering (or whatever that class is called) they did tests on the water and found that it's a strong electrolyte but still pH neutral.

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