ClayHambrick is a former ThirdFloorEastie FrOsh, who once lived in the LowerEastSide? of EastDorm. He graduated as a GradStudent? in AstroPhysics? at PrincetonUniversity?, and is now on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dclayh and so will be checking FunWiki even less often now than he did before.

He enjoys most sorts of ScienceFiction? and fantasy, especially the work of DouglasAdams? and JrrTolkien?. He organized--and endured massive SleepDep for--the LOTRaThon last year. He was a member of the SagaOfClivesdale, and is currently in SteveHaas's campaign. Clay also enjoys ClassicalMusic?, especially the work of GilbertAndSullivan.

When in HighSchool, Clay was one of the authors of an (unfinished) GroupStory?: OurStoryBegins. Feel free to add to it!

ClayHambrick is (with EliBogart and, indirectly, EricLindholm) partially responsible for the following proposed group story, which anyone sufficiently deranged may expand upon at will:

RichardWagner?, famed composer of the RingCycle?, and GustavMahler?, renowned symphonic composer and conductor, are unceremoniously abducted from their illustrious lives of composition by a mysterious agency from the far future, who force them to duel to the death with BattleAxes in a PostApocalyptic? arena!

 ClayHambrick: "Human Jenga!  Best idea ever!"

"My palm can spank me, but that's not saying much." -- ClayHambrick

"ProfessorBaker's nice.....but, Beelzebub." ClayHambrick

"So sugar and spice and everything nice is really what little girls are eaten with." --ClayHambrick

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