A wacky, adventurous FrOsh from Washington D.C. who is known for his bold and gallant behavior, instigating fun and silliness, and occasionally climbing stuff (barefoot!). He is usually out of it and/or appears to be on crack. Slid halfway down the stair handrails in a cardboard box (see: BadIdea). Planted an unidentified garment in a tree.

Mysteriously disappeared for one whole year, without getting to finish stuff. He's now back and finishing said stuff.

Clif is known for participating in deterministic stupidity, not to be confused with random stupidity. The difference is, once you get to know him, you usually see it coming.

Clif's plans for the future include breaking his neck, being shot down in a blaze of glory, and stubbing his toe. Clif promises his corpse will be smiling when you find it... in bed.

"His orgasm would be like a shotgun blast . . . of divinity" (wrt Jesus)

A NerdyPersonWhoIsSexy.

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