A ClueByFour is any sturdy, at least vaguely rectangular mass of wood administered with a sharp thwack to anyone who, it is decided, needs to get a clue. As clarification, one does not get a "Hardly Boys" clue when the ClueByFour is administered, unless one is a SadoMasochist?. The ClueByFour is for the OTHER kind of clue.


BobChen: "O RLY? It's over 9000!"

*BishOp picks up ClueByFour*

ClueByFour: THWACK

BobChen: "Goddammit..."

BobChen: "Your mom's over 9000..."

*BishOp sighs, picks up ClueByFour again*

Repeat as necessary until subject gets the hint.

Is this over nine thousand times?

HASSEN IJYOU DA!!!!! *braces*

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