ColleenSullivan, sometimes known as Katz (or Overcooked Spaghetti), is a Senior chem major/classics minor who is actually a Scrippsie, despite the popular opinion of most frosh and sophomores. She lives in Sontag 208...some of the time, thereby increasing the confusion. She graduates in December. She's also engaged to 2005 Mudder Jordan Boye.

She likes all good books, especially old ones and especially especially the epics; inorganic chemistry, but not anything with the prefix "bio"; computer games, board games, word games, etc etc etc; philosophy and theology (she is a Christian and would love to get in a respectful argument with you); art, both the active and spectator varieties; and semicolon-separated lists. She's eclectic.

Her sense of humor has triggered the repeat suggestion that she die in a fire, and earned her 3 pennies from PeterMawhorter. However, she will risk sharing her favorite joke here, because she believes in propagating it for the good of the world: There are two fish in a tank. One says to the other, "You drive. I'll man the guns."

Read her short fiction, and some novel fragments: http://fictography.blogspot.com

Feel free to add details, comments, and snarky remarks to this page.

She recently replaced her old $10 watch with a new $10 watch, which displays certain eccentricities absent in the old one. She has decided to document this PossessedWatch.


There. That is likely the only time you will ever see those two making up an exhaustive list. (It's also a pretty old list, let it be known.)

This page is too short, so I'll beef it up with some Greek myths about ChuckNorris?, created by me and EllenKephart:

Chuck Norris isn't apotropaic. Evil is apo-Chuck Norris.

Zeus surrounds himself with thunderclouds because he's afraid Chuck Norris might see him.

Zeus, Hades and Poseidon say that when they divided the universe, they left the earth in common, because they don't want to admit that Chuck Norris took it.

Horses don't pull Helios' chariot. Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks it every morning.

Every tree was once a nymph who got chased by Chuck Norris.

The Hyperboreans live so far north because Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked them and that's where they landed.

Historical records show that the ancient Greek hero cults all died out at the same time the Chuck Norris cult was established.

The mares of Diomedes were eventually eaten by Chuck Norris.

Similarly, the real reason Tantalos fed Pelops to the gods was that he didn't have any other food, having just hosted Chuck Norris.

Herakles climbed on his own funeral pyre rather than attempt his 13th labor, which was to arm-wrestle Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris's skin can only be broken by Chuck Norris. This is good because his blood will instantly kill any mortal it touches.

The earth can never die as long as it is in contact with Chuck Norris.

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