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List of ComputerScience Professors

In Fall of 2011, Mudd acquired a visiting professor, Ben Weiderman, who is teaching a class on domain-specific languages. Also ProfessorAlvarado is leaving for one of them UCs after Fall 2011.

The ComputerScience department is located in the Mcgregor Center or just TheGreg

All information below this line dates to BeforeYouWereBorn.

MattBrubeck asked a number of ComputerScience profs about the department hiring new faculty this year...

New faculty: Melissa O'Neill, who taught a section of CS70 this semester and will teach all sections of it next semester, spring '02. I believe the faculty member hired to come next semester is Belinda Thom, let me check turing . . . yup. --JessicaFisher

One candidate has already been hired. Can't remember the name, but it was the woman who gave a ProgrammingLanguages? lecture about type inference. She specializes in languages and will probably end up teaching PLs.

As for Derin Atkinson, the cool nerdy guy who talked about caching in ArchOs?, it seems that he had already accepted an offer from another, quicker school by the time HMC got back to him. D'oh.

The CS department is planning to hire at least one more professor this year. ProfessorErlinger said that they now have a lot of theoretical computer scientists, and should be looking for another systems expert.

Update: ComputerScience hired Chris Stone. He came and picked up the password to his turing account (as well as the code to get into the LibraComplex?, since they hadn't given him a key yet) on 30 June 2000.

Computer science majors (or, at least, staff people) may be spotted during the summer months by the fact that they are walking around outside in heavy coats and/or sweatshirts. This is due to the fact that the GraphicsLab? has even worse climate control than the BigRoom, when the door is open.

What are you talking about? The GraphicsLab? is perfect: dark, quiet, icy cold, and filled with powerful computers. -- BenZeckel

It was pointed out by somebody that this is likely because the thermostat is right behind a monitor. If you leave that computer off, it feels fine. -- EvilSouthie

Much like the effect of putting your refrigerator right below the thermostat if you're in a suite in Linde... (not that I'd know anything about that...

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