Connor is a FrOsh!! Also known as Collin (and occasionally Rick Astley?). Not to be confused with ConorFloyd (Minecraft Conor).

He is a Zeroth-Floor Eastie (or, as he likes to put it, he's a ThirdFloorEastie who has never joined nor left EastDorm). They put him in AtwoodDorm because he made himself sound excruciatingly boring on his roommate matching form.

He's the frosh's straight white cis man. He also needs to try more fooooods.

PokemonGo?-er. Nonogram addict. Avid IDRlabs-er:

Inventor of the EastFroshChallenge?. Re-invented the gaming area under the Louch. Participates in the Universe.

Notes from other frosh:

East Dorm Connor. East Dorm Collin. East Dorm Commuter. EastDormCombinatron. East Dorm Cookout-er. EastDormClock. East Dorm Catboi.

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