February 2023, the KaviDey, AlySawyer, TatianaCardoso and LiloRyan worked an acrylic rose then painted the edges of each petal red. Kavi used a heat gun to shape each petal. JadynIinuma and ConnorNeely painted a PVC pipe green for the rose's stem. After lots of trial and error, they managed to attach the rose to the stem by stuffing the PVC pipe with tape and using an unholy amount of hot glue and adhesive spray. Because the Makerspace was closed, they used Tatiana's hot glue gun and went through at least half the package of hot glue sticks. The rose ended up being around 6 feet tall.

LiloRyan and LenaKryukova wrote up many pickup lines that referenced math, physics, and computer science. Examples include "Damn, girl, are you an integral? 'Cause I want to see what's under those curves" "Are you the Mean Value Theorem? Because I want to Roll(e) with you" "You must be a strong magnetic field because you just induced a flow somewhere in me" and "Damn, girl, are you Green's Theorem? 'Cause I'm a SIMPle closed curve for you."

Around 3 in the morning, TatianaCardoso, KaviDey, ConnorNeely, LiloRyan, and JadynIinuma posted the pickup lines on every door of NorthDorm then placed the giant rose in the center of the courtyard. Lena wrote across their courtyard in chalk to make sure they knew East was the dorm who pranked them. The '26 frosh hope the '27 frosh steal the rose they made as part of the next LTG prank.

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