As stated on CrackFrosh, I, Alejo Enriquez, think the negligence of not electing a CrackFrosh for 2004 should be attended to. Please vote here. Polls will be closed, um, let's say when school starts and the next year's CrackFrosh competition begins (patience, MikeBuchanan).

I will begin voting here, and will put Victor's vote from CategoryCrackWhore in too, just to have a starting quorum.

Please maintain Rule 1 (Rule 0 for CS majors). I'm not sure I've heard of Wiki votes before. Anyways, commence! *will look awfully stupid if no one else votes* --DuctTapeGuy

The new year has begun. RichardGarfinkel and EricBerglund tie for CrackFrosh. Bob Dole has been disqualified on the grounds that he was not a frosh during '03-'04.

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