CraigMeyer, also known as CrazyOldMan Meyer, graduated HarveyMuddCollege with an Engineering degree in 1997 (this qualifies him as an AncientMyth). For awhile he had a job building ultralight planes designed to stay very high up for a very long time (but had no military applications, really). Some would say these planes were designed to stay up forever, but Craig says they're designed to stay up till they break, which is why he's a great engineer. Another cool thing about these planes is that they can carry roughly a 300-pound payload (Craig volunteered, but so far there haven't been any human-carrying flights).

Craig currently resides in Seattle, where he's working as an inventor and starting his own company, which is way cool. He occasionally returns to HarveyMuddCollege campus as an Alumni Board of Governors rep. He tells great stories.

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