A paper lacking in effort or quality or quantity, or all of the above.

Often crappy papers receive grades better than those written with quality.

(Gee, sounds about like the content on this node. Was this REALLY neccessary guys?) Yes, it was.

I define it to be the wrapping paper I bought at Vons. Because it's true. --ArielBarton

A Crappy Hum Paper

Stephanie Grush


This is a hum paper. Yes, that is my thesis. My thesis is that this is a hum paper. However, since I am repeating myself, it is not a very good paper. Therefore, this is a crappy hum paper. However, because I define this to be a hum paper, it is a hum paper.

In order to ensure the hum-ness of this paper, I will mention a hum. Art is a hum. This hum paper is not art. Micah paid me to do this paper, and therefore it is not art.

In conclusion, you should go read FrogsAreBad. It was a commission from Julie, and therefore might not be art, but I did it for free, so it might still be art.

Bibliography: Yeah, right.

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