So one day while discussing random things and introducing each other in the lounge (before all the upperclassmen were back from vacation), PeterTu came up with the idea that we should make a super long cup and string phone somewhere. While he was looking for a place for this to be useful, someone suggested that it should be across the two wings of EastDorm. Immediately, MattKeeter, AndreyShur, and KevinYeung expressed their interest in this idea, providing ideas for the type of string that should be used along with the type of cup. Although great enthusiasm was shown, it was not until a week later when KevinYeung drove to Target to purchase all the material.

On that same night, the first attempt was made using plain string that stretched across the entire span of EastDorm along with soda cans with one end ripped out. However, due to the material of the string, the sound could not in fact travel very far, and in the end this attempt was abandoned after roughly 30 minutes of tinkering with the material. At the same time it was discovered that one could slide something to the middle of the dorm using the string across the two wings.

2 weeks later, another attempt was made, this time using fishing wire and paper cups. This time, there were substantial results, and it was actually possible to hear faint sounds (although unintelligible) from the other side of the dorm. While further plans were made to improve this set-up, eventually F&M removed the string and the phone is nowhere to be seen. All progress on this project is currently suspended.

As a result, now there is a surplus of string and fishing line somewhere in the dorm, possibly in KevinYeung's room. Do not hesitate to ask for some if he's willing to give any to you.

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