This game has a storied tradition of history.


Have the most number of cards in your hand when Stucky is disassembled (primary goal) or the fewest number of cards in your hand when Stucky is reassembled (secondary objective).


(One site two site red site blue site: the traditional incantation of CUSBILPARISWCBAHAHI not needed at a specific point, just at the construction. Some say the Stucky's curse affects those who fail to incantate it.)

Arrange the cards in the following way: Stucky's head is a triangle (the Head Triangle), he has one neck card and one torso which is connected to his arms, which are two cards long (the biceps is connected to the torso, and the triceps is connected to the biceps). The extreme cards of the arms should be pointed upward, as in a hug. Below the torso are the stomach and pelvis, connected in a linear fashion, and two cards (the femur is connected to the pelvis, and the spatula is connected to the femur) per leg (he's rather tall).

Put these face down on one side of the playing field; this is Stucky's Body. Place the arm-torso card and the two biceptia face up next to Stucky's Body. These are Common Sites, on which either player can play.

Each player receives seven cards at the beginning of the game. The remaining cards are placed in the deck. The most recent person to win the game does not get to pick who goes first.

Basic Play

Players take turns playing cards either one rank higher or lower than the value of the top cards at Sites they control. The Common Sites are meant to be controlled by both players. In a single turn, a player may not play on the same Site twice. Note also that K < A < 2.

If a player cannot make any plays at the start of their turn, they invoke the Don't Be A Dick Scenario. During this scenario, the current player puts the top three cards of the deck, one onto each of the Common Sites, and must make any available plays. If they are unable, they invoke DBADS again. (The possibility of infinite loops hoping for optimal positions without the must condition is what has historically given DBADS its name)

If DBADS is not invoked, then a player's turn ends when they cannot make any plays. They draw a number of cards equal to the number of cards that they played during that turn from the deck. When the deck runs out of cards, it is recreated by shuffling together all the cards from the Sites except the top one of each.

Stucky Dissassembly

Any player who has played on at least three different Sites in a single turn must take two fewer of the cards from Stucky's Body than the number of Sites they played on. That player then redraws a number of cards equal to the number of cards played during that turn, as usual, in effect increasing their maximum hand size by the number of Stucky pieces taken for the remainder of the game.

Site Creation

Any player can create a Site by playing two or more cards of the same (valid) rank on one of the Common Sites. By doing this, they put exactly one card physically on the old Site, and then place a new Site for each of these other cards. The player must arrange them such that they reconstruct a body part of Stucky (face up). Note that, while a player can only play on one of his/her sites (either a common site or one of the six sites closer to his/her end of the table than the other player's), they can still create a site on either player's side of the board (relevant when completing Stucky's reconstruction).

Creating a site is not considered playing on it; thus, a player who plays two cards on pre-existing sites and uses a three of a kind to create two additional Stucky sites gets credit for three played cards and is eligible to take a single Stucky piece. A player cannot create a site and play on that site in the same turn.

Variant Play

The most commonly-played variant is colloquially referred to as "Speed Stucky", which refers to a Stucky that is on speed. In this variant, turns are taken simultaneously, and a player's turn automatically ends upon the completion of his/her draw, at which point their next turn simultaneously begins. Other rules pertaining to turn-based play (namely, you cannot play on the same site twice in a turn) still apply. That said, one may play on a given site at any point in one's turn, opening up the possibility of waiting for another player to play on a common site to increase one's options.

Speed Stucky ends when Stucky has been reassembled or disassembled. Players then stop whatever they are doing and draw up to their maximum hand size before counting cards.

Speed Stucky is best played with two decks of cards, due to the difficulty of performing shuffles during the game.

Historical Note

Although in ancient times Cut Up Stucky's Body Into Little Pieces And Reassemble It So We Can Be As Huggable As He Is was played on stone tablets, in modern days it is traditional to use common playing cards. For more information, we invite the reader to consider the works of Father Broughton, circa 1765.

The heir to the throne of the Stucky clan is EricStucky.

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