Also known (and currently recording a new album) as Bernstein, DanBern is wackier than your average folksinger, oh yes. He's an independent singer-songwriter-musician who has the big balls (big as the swing of Tiger Woods, if you can believe it, and it ain't braggin' if it's true) to ask and answer urgent questions like:

On Dog Boy Van:

On Dan Bern:

On Fifty Eggs (produced by the ever-so-fabulous AniDiFranco):

On Smartie Mine:

TracyvanCort is a big DanBern/Bernstein? fan and highly recommends you buy all DanBern/Bernstein?'s albums and see any live performances of his you can. She most recently saw Bernstein perform in San Diego Friday, August 4 (his last show before going into the studio to record his new album), and as usual he rocked.

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