ScrippSie frosh who is sexeh. She is double-majoring in Bio and Awesome and just got back from Thailand where she was studying Intro to Awesome. Also, have you SEEN her?

Is apparently usurping JenniferTownsend's life with Jen's permission of course. Who wouldn't want to usurp Jen's life? Is currently in the market for more usurpees (like a slurpee, only less so) contact her for more information of claiming usurpee status and the benefits of said status.

Also, is from Chicago which is certified awesomeness. And IMSA, which can be forgiven, I guess. How could she not be sexeh when she came from the same HighSchool as Jen?!? -- the completely unbiased opinion of JenT? (but seriously, DanaJensen is pretty awesome...for a usurper).

Has been participating in the FnordCompletionRun, but in a very lazy sort of way. Mostly just plays AlteredBeast? and Hatris, which contributes nothing.

Dana: Poor people are for science!
Katherine: I thought criminals were for science!
Dana: But why are they criminals? Because they're poor! So let's just go straight to the source and experiment on the poor.

Dana: Oh man, now I'm gonna get car-bombed, and the poor people are gonna shank me 'cause they're criminals.

Spring 2008 Schedule

  CHEM015L:	Tuesday and Thursday           8.10  9.25      Black      *Not first choice section, but whatever*
  BIOL044L:	Tuesday and Thursday           9.35  10.50     Preest     *First choice. YES.*
  MATH030:	Monday, Wednesday, Friday      11.00  11.50    Ou         *We'll see how this goes...*
  CORE002:	Monday and Wednesday           1.15  2.30      Coats      *NOT AS DISPLEASED AS I THOUGHT I WOULD BE*

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