This is a highly addicting game which is being played with shocking frequency in the lounge this year. Its catchy beats and overly efficient manner at allowing its participants to not do any kind of work has made it a favorite of many.

The concept of the game is simple: step on these arrow things on this pad thing in rhythm to some sort of pulsating techno soundtrack, which will likely get stuck in the heads of its participants for many, many days. Woe to those who just throught they could come into the lounge and chat while DanceDanceRevolution is being played. Nay, they shall leave with visions of phonebots and throbbing beats alive in their brains.

Look for the addicts - they make the queue long and the hours they [sleep short].

DanceDanceRevolution CrackWhores:

Nominations for the Wrongest Song Evar Award:

. . . because there's actually competition.


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