DanielKagan died with the rest of the class of 2005, which makes part of the next paragraph rather obsolete.

DanielKagan is (or will be) a SophoMore at Harvey Mudd College. He plans to major in physics, and hopes to (perhaps) eventually study Black Holes, which he thinks are the coolest (natural) objects in the universe. He loves LOTR (and was blown away by the movie), and is, in addition, a huge fan of Terry Pratchett. His favorite game is chess, and he also enjoys playing ChesSers.

He loves singing (we're doing Beethoven's Ninth this year. Yay!) and listening to music, especially that by NirVana?, TheBeatles?, RadioHead, DaveMatthewsBand?, and LudwigVanBeethoven?.

Creator of the MusicClub

(Yes, I realize that these musicians have nothing whatsoever in common. Meh.) They're, uh, all musicians I don't listen to? -SeleneTan

He invites people to add to this page.


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