DankSuite posts dank memes on it's door. Traditionally upperclassmen in a double. Begun by AndrewFishberg and WaiSingWong 2014-2015 in "AntiBoilerSuite" aka 'the best double in east'. As of 2022, DankMemeSuite seems to settled in East 114 & 116. Whether this holds or not will be seen.

"Don't let your Memes be Dreams" - Shia Labeouf

In 2024, due to the GreatCornIncident?, DankMemeSuite is now WeevilSuite?.

DankMemeSuite VII/GymBroSuite? (2023-2024)

DankMemeSuite VI (2022-2023)

DankMemeSuite V (2021-2022)

DankMemeSuite took a hiatus for 2020-2021 for... obvious reasons.

DankMemeSuite IV (2019-2020)

DankMemeSuite took a sabbatical for 2018-2019

DankMemeSuite III (2017-2018) aka JakeSuite?

DankMemeSuite III (2016-2017)

DankMemeSuite II (2015-2016)

DankMemeSuite I (2014-2015)

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