"The Dark Ages." -AndrewKouzelos

The best Hum 2 Essay intro ever.

And by best, I mean that it's so bad that if I ever catch you using it I will sneak into your room at night and eat your eyes because such an abomination should not be allowed to exist on the face of this Earth.

The first time I read that sentence, my immediate response was along the lines of "This is one of two things that I was told senior year in English to never start off your paper with for fear of DivineRetribution?." Then I began reading the next sentence and yelled at the top of my lungs "AH! There's the other one!!!" (The other one being the phrase "throughout the history of mankind.") -LoganGordon

"The Dark Ages" has now also appeared as a frosh hum paper challenge for the fall semester of 2004, but only when used as a self contained sentence. Bonus points for those being the first words!

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